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Sleep apnea is a potentially life threatening sleep disorder characterized by repeated pauses in breath during sleep. Ongoing disruption in the breath causes an imbalance of carbon dioxide in the body leading to serious health concerns and potentially life altering side effects.

Our surgical treatments are routine procedures that are safe and affordable.

At the office of Ronald J Flanigan, DDS our dental staff provides you with exceptional care that keeps your whole body safe and healthy. Trust our team to help you tackle sleep apnea today.

Exceptional care

- Removal of tissues covering the airway

- Maxillomandibular advancements

- Tracheostomy

- Breathing machines


Surgical enhancements

The good news is that sleep apnea is a completely treatable condition that can be helped by the aid of breathing devices or oral surgery enhancements that open the airway and remove tissues.

Treatable condition

Innovative solutions for a better night's sleep