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Oral care is important for children and adults to maintain healthy smiles, thwart off decay and help keep both teeth and gums healthy. Our office believes in providing exceptional care and dental education at every visit to our office.

The highest level of dental care provides for every patient.

The office of Ronald J. Flanigan, DDS, provides you with the tools you need to extend your dental care at home. Our team will help you establish an excellent oral health care program that will leave your teeth healthy year after year. Call today for an appointment.

Helping you establish better habits

- Cleanings

- Digital x-rays

- Fluoride treatments

- Flossing

- Periodontal health

- Gum exam

- Oral cancer screening

General dentistry includes:

Each exam will help you care better for you teeth through gentle procedures and exceptional cleaning. Our team focuses on the teeth and condition of your gums to detect any signs of gum disease or oral cancers.

Complete oral health care

Gentle care that improves smiles