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The team at the office of Ronald J. Flanigan, DDS will provide you with safe dental extractions in the comfort of our state of the art facility. Tooth extractions can be necessary for several reasons, but the most likely reason is to preserve the oral wellness and health of our patients.

Our team is a proud member of the Academy of General Dentistry.

Wisdom teeth sit far in the back of the jaw line and are typically under the skin for several years. If there is room for them to erupt, they will, but the lack of eruption is more likely the cause for them to be extracted. Impacted or crowded wisdom teeth can cause dental changes and removal is the best option.

Wisdom teeth extraction

- Bleeding

- Pain

- Blood clots that form in socket

- Swelling

- Medication

- Difficulty eating

- Dry sockets

What to expect after an extraction

Your oral care is important to us. While our team will do everything possible to retain your natural teeth, there is always a possibility that your damage tooth could cause more harm to your healthy remaining teeth and need to be extracted.

Save your healthy teeth

You're in the safest hands